Aloe Freedom is a kind of Aloe drink that combines aloe vera with glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin to help healthy joint function and mobility in a tasty orange flavored formula.

Why use Aloe Freedom

The unique formula of this drink helps to support joint health. The ingredients like glucasamine sulfate, chondoitin sulfate and MSM maintain the structure and health of cartilage. The MSM provides the essential bio-available sulfer to maintain healthy connective tissues and joint function. The drink provides natural support for the immune system. Amino acids are essential for body but our body cannot produce it. Aloe Vera has the essential amino acids for our body.

Vitamins and minerals

The drink is the perfect source for vitamins. The drink combines vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6 and vitamin E and vitamin C. The drink contains lots of minerals. These minerals are found in aloe vera that includes calcium, sodium, iron, potassium, chromium, magnesium, manganese, copper and zinc.

Ingredients Freedom

Stabilized aloe vera juice, sorbitol, natural orange juice, concentrate (flavor), fructose, glucasamin, sulfate, natural orange flavor, methyl sulfonyl, methane, citric acid, ascorbic acid ( antioxidant), tocopherol (antioxidant), potassium sorbate (to help protect flavor), sodium benzoate (to help protect flavor).

User Guide: You can drink it with your meals or alone.


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